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e Derma Pharma India Pvt. Ltd

Derma Products

E-derma Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. is the most trustworthy manufacturer, exporter and wholesale Dermatology Medicines Supplier actively functional in Mumbai, Maharashtra. With an extensive experience of 14 years in this domain, we are fulfilling the rising demands of authentic medicines and derma products at a market-leading price. We are delivering the best quality dermatology and cosmetology medicines in the market.

We are one of the best Derma Products Suppliers having a maximum range of Dermatological Products (180 products). We practice stringent quality control to manufacture only authentic quality medicines and deliver the same to our clients. To produce excellent derma products, deliver them timely with highly effective distribution network at reliable & price are our core values.

Dermatology Medicines Manufacturer & Supplier

We are recommended as the best Dermatology Medicines Manufacturer as our products are being manufactured under WHO certified ISO 9002 certification. We are also proposing plans to bring all new and existing dermatologically products from WHO & GMP certified companies.

To satisfy and care the needs of patients suffering from skin diseases we are inventing all new products with the help of our experienced pharmaceutical experts and dermatologists.

Our list of a genuine quality extensive range of Derma Products is as follows:


Acne care,

Fungalcare, Emollients,


Psoriasis care,


Depigmenting care,

Glutathione Glycolic acid peel, etc.



e-Derma Pharma India Pvt Ltd is one of the best immunosuppressant products exporter, supplier and manufacturer in Mumbai, India. Our company has gained a huge reputation over the years of its amazing products. We supply our products in clinics, hospitals and also to individual sellers, dealers and retailers.

Immunosuppressant drugs are used to reduce or suppress the strength of the immunity system of the body. These drugs are used in hospitals and clinics to make your body less likely to reject an organ transplant like heart, liver or kidney. This medicine is also known as antirejection drugs. We have both immunosuppressant capsules and ointments which can be used for the patients who need to have a transplant. These medicines are also used to treat autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and much more.

Benefits of Immunosuppressant Products:

  • This medicine is resistant to psoriasis.

  • Used in bone marrow transplantation or other organ transplantations.

  • Helps in lichen planus and much more.

Therefore choose the best immunosuppressant products from our listed products and order online. We will deliver it on time at your preferred address.


Hyperpigmentation is common for people who have problems like acne. The dark patches start to develop soon after acne or blemish has completely healed. Though hyperpigmentation can be harmless it is very frustrating to deal with it. If you think that you are alone who is facing the problem of hyperpigmentation, you are wrong. Several people have this issue as the solution is right here. We at e-Derma Pharma India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, has an amazing and effective range of hyperpigmentation products.

Why Choose Hyperpigmentation Products From Us?

The products that you get in our company can help in treating severe conditions as well and will make your skin lighter and even. Due to our excellent products today we are known as the best Hypopigmentation products supplier in India. We supply products to almost all parts of the company and ensure our client gets the best always.

Choose us as we are the best hyperpigmentation products exporter, supplier and manufacturer. We have years of experience and we take orders in bulk.

Sunscreen Lotions

Sun rays have ultraviolet rays in it which can be harmful to the human skin. This rays generates deep into the skin and cause damage. You may get uneven skin tone, redness, dark spots and even skin cancer. This is the reason why you should always wear sunscreen whenever you go out. We at e-Derma Pharma India Pvt Ltd has an amazing range of sunscreen lotions & cream which are amazing to be used.

The sunscreen gels and lotions that we have listed on our website, have different SPF protection. These protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and keeps your skin healthy. With the use of our sunscreens, you will get rid of the problems that occur when you stay long in the sun. The marks will go away and your skin you feel protected.

Why Choose Sunscreen lotion & cream Products from Us?

e-Derma pharma India Pvt Ltd is counted as the best sunscreen lotion & cream supplier in India. Based in Mumbai, we supply products all over the world. Our products are highly in demand worldwide due to its amazing quality.

We take order in bulk and deliver it always on time without any delay. Call us to know about our delivery and export policies.


e-Derma pharma India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, produces the best antiscabies products which kill and paralyse the mites and their eggs. Usually, the products are applied all over your body except for the face and head but always follow the advice of our doctor. After eight to twelve hours make sure that you have washed the lotion off your body.

How to Use?
The products that we supply are used only on the skin. As soon as you are prescribed the products, start using then. Apply this medicine from your head to toe including your nails but avoid putting it on your head and face. After you have applied the lotion or cream on your body massage it for some time and take a short after 8-14 hours. You can also choose capsules instead of lotion or cream if your doctor prescribes or you.

Why Us?
  • No harmful chemicals are used.
  • Ingredients used in the right composition.
  • 100% safe products.
  • Quality assured
  • Delivery always on time.

The services and products have helped us gain a huge position in the market as trusted antiscabies products suppliers.

Misc Products


Allergy is defined as a normal pathologic immune reaction which occurs in response to the interaction with any foreign material. The foreign element can be anything like dust, pollen, food, medicine and much more. At e-Derma pharma India Pvt Ltd you will get Anti Allergic products that are amazing in use. It helps in reducing the symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, itching, swelling etc.

We understand that the symptoms of allergies can be normal to severe. This will cause great difficultly and the situation may go out of our hands. Therefore, get Anti Allergic products or medicines from our company after the prescription of the doctor.

Being a well known Anti Allergic products exporter, based in Mumbai, we ensure that our products are of good quality and packaged with care. We make sure that they are away from moisture and are delivered safely to our customers and clients worldwide.

Benefits of Anti Allergic Products:

  • Reduces allergic symptoms.
  • Makes your immunity stronger
  • Helps your body to get ready for future encounters.

Check all our products and order in your required quality. We promise to deliver it on time as we are the best Anti Allergic products supplier.


We at e-Derma Pharma India Pvt Ltd, provide our customers with the best antifungal products. Our company is famous all around the country for our products and services. The products that we have listed in our company are manufactured under the guidance of our experts and professionals who have been in this industry for years. We ensure that the ingredients used in our production are safe and pure so that the final products have unmatchable quality.

Why Choose Antifungal Products From Us?

Our company is known as the best antifungal products supplier in India. We also use essential oils and plant extracts in our products along with some chemical compounds which helps people get rid of the problems they are facing.

The products that we supply have the ability to fight and prevent the growth of certain pathogens which can harm your health. Our products never trigger the side effects of the synthetic ingredients which are used in different products to fight funds and bacteria. This is the reason why our products are becoming popular more and more these days.

Our products and service have made us the best Antifungal products exporters based in Mumbai, India.

Acne Care

If you are tired of the acne problems and the marks that are still behind, get the best anti-acne products from our company. We, e-Derma pharma India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, have amazing products that will help you with your acne and also you can get rid of the ugly dark spots. The products that we supply are manufactured in our company with great care and amazing ingredients. These products also have active salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as an ingredient in it. These substances help in reducing the amount of oil that your body produces.

The acne care products that we manufacture and supply help in fighting inflammation also. This helps treat the blemishes and prevents it from happening again. Along with this, there are other benefits as well which makes our products must-try.

Benefits of Acne Products:

  • Reduces the chances of having acne.

  • Remove the dark spots.

  • Makes your skin flawless and even.

  • Get rid of excess oil.

Choose products from us as we are the best acne care products supplier in India.

Antioxidants & Vitamins

Hair Care

Hair is one of the most important parts of the human body. Our hair gives us a personality and makes us look good. If you start using chemical products or stop caring for your hair, sooner or later your hair will start falling. It is very important to use the right products that are good for your hair and scalp and will prevent hair fall by promoting hair growth. At e-Derma pharma India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, you will get the best hair care products. Using our hair products, you will get healthy, long and shiny hair.

Over the years with extensive research and hard work we have successfully made our products which meets the needs of our customers. Our products are superior in quality and hundred per cent effective. With continuous use of our products, you will start noticing the changes in your hair.

What Are The Advantages Of Our Hair Growth Products?

Our products are the reason why we are known as the best hair growth products supplier. There are many advantages of using our hair products. Some are:
  • Makes your hair healthy and long.
  • Increases hair growth.
  • Reduces hair fall.
  • Makes your scalp healthy
  • You get smooth and shiny hair.

Choose our company as we are the best hair growth products exporter in India. Call us to know more about our hair products.



We are at e-Derma Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. manufacture the country’s new emollient, best quality skin products. Our wide dermatological collection includes a variety of hydrating lotions and creams. E-derma products actually are used in more than 26 countries and around the world by all major dermatologists making us the Best moisturizing lotion Exporters. Our future strategy is to grow nationally and globally, by more divisions covering different segments of populations and therapy.

Moisturize your body, foot, and palms with our moisturizing creams and lotions. We suggest our atopical dermatitis creams and lotions that easily and efficiently cure elderly dry skin by locking their moisture.

Why Choose Moisturizer Cream and Lotion Products from Us?

Nowadays, E-derma Pharma Family is proud of the world-class production and promotion, which is applauded by dermatologists and patients across the nation. As one of the Best Moisturizer Cream Suppliers, we have built an outstanding record where none of the government departments' products have ever failed. At affordable prices, we sell high-quality items for pharmacy and cosmetics. We invite you to join our e-derma family and take full advantage of it. Our goods come with quality packaging and we ensure that lotions and creams are adequately secured against contamination of any kind, thereby ensuring optimum performance.

Psoriasis Care

In the case of Psoriasis, you need to use the best medicine and products to get a cure. Our company e-Derma pharma India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, is the premium psoriasis care products exporters. We have been in this industry for years and have supplied products worldwide. Our company has gained a worldwide reputation due to our products and services.

Reasons to Choose Psoriasis Care Products From Our Company

  • When you are suffering from Psoriasis, you need to stick to good quality creams and portions. The products that we manufacture and supply help in sealing moisture in your skin and prevents it from getting dry. Dryness can make the situation worse by creating itchiness and irritation.
  • The products that we have for our customers are made using safe ingredients which will help you get better than making things worse.
  • After regular use, you will see that the patches of psoriasis will go away with time.
  • Our products will also protect your skin from sunburns which makes things rough.

Being the best psoriasis care products supplier we ensure that our products are good in quality and effectiveness. Therefore choose our products and get exceptional results.



Soap & Facewash

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